Tuesday, March 3, 2009

FIve Tips on How to Create Money On Demand.

Take a quick survey among the majority of people and ask them what their major challenge is. Most would tell you it is how to make more money. Making money on demand requires one thing and that is skill. If you’ve got one, you can create an income on demand. For instance, if you’ve got the ability to bake cakes, that could create some immediate funds for you when you need it. Creating an income when you need it can literally save your life. If you do not learn it or acquire the skills for it, you might not be able to raise the money you need. There are five major income on demand skills on the internet:

• Creating a PDF information product
• Writing articles
• Selling PLR materials
• Selling resale rights materials
• Selling on ebay.

We’ll look at just four of them. #3 and #4 are very similar.

1. Creating a quick information product. This is one of the simplest ways of generating the quick cash you need. What skills do you have? What do you have an experience in? Do a quick survey online to see if there is any available market for it. If there is, you can quickly knock together a 15-20 page ebook, advertise and sell it for between $7 and $19. If you do not know where to advertise, you can go internet marketing forums like warrior forums to place ads like a Warrior Special Offer (WSO). This can help you generate the funds you need in a very short period of time. You can also advertise it using google adwords. But this is not advisable for quick returns.

2. Do you know you can get paid to write articles? What do you know about? Start putting them to paper. Get your pen and write them down. Sign up with www.associatedcontent.com. They pay for articles submitted by writers. The rate is between $3 and $50 per article. So, if you are in serious need of money, write articles and submit them for payment consideration. The key to top paid articles is writing on the current, hot items online. Currently, gadgets like the iphone are a hot news item. This February, associated content will want articles on valentine which will attract a handsome remuneration.

Do a search on the top searched items or hot topics available at the time. You can use Google trends for this. Visit www.trends.google.com, or www.buzz.yahoo.com. This list seems to be updated on a daily basis. So use this search method for predicting what topics are hot and those that are not.

3. Selling PLR products. The word PLR means private label rights. These could be in the form of articles, ebooks, audios. Most times, these can be bought from other people or providers. They give you the rights to resell, edit or do anything with it. To earn some quick cash, here is what to do: offer a huge number of these products for sale at an incredibly low price. If you have ebooks that have been lying around on your hard disk for long, simply put all of them together and offer them for about $19 or less. You’ll definitely have people scurrying for it particularly when they are of high quality.

4. Sell on Ebay. Look around your house. Are there things that you do not need but which can be useful for someone else? Gather them together. Go to that basement and extract all the useful stuff and make a listing on ebay. I think it can be done for a paltry sum of $10.

Well, there you go. There are other opportunities that can enable you make more money but these are about the fastest.


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Keep more of your money by spending frugally.

If you are looking to save more of your hard earned money each week then you need to start being a frugal shopper. When you decide to be more frugal with your money do not get into the mind set that you are depriving yourself of things. Think of it as saving for your future as well as putting yourself in the position to have more money available during the month.

Have you often thought that if you only had more money then you would be better equipped to deal with things when money is not plentiful. If can seem like having more money is the solution when money is tight but that does not have to be the case. While it is completely true that you need to have a certain amount of money each month to meet your basic needs but beyond that it is not about how much money that you have it is all about how you spend your money.

Since how you spend, your money is the way to determine your financial future here are a few tips that will help you keep more money in your pocket.

When you go to a store where you are a frequent shopper, you should always make an effort to be friendly with the store employees. Why make a purchase today if you can wait until tomorrow and get that same product at half the price? By making an effort to be nice to all the store employees, they will be more likely to let you in on when things are going to be on sale.

Ok now while no one really likes to be bothered by telemarketers or spam emails but if their s a store where you are a frequent shopper then it is well worth it to get on their mailing lists. Customers on mailing lists are generally offer specials and discounts that are not offered to those that are not on the list.

Comparison shopping is one of the frugal shoppers best weapons. It is easier then ever to compare products online, which will save you the gas money of running all over town trying to determine where the best deal can be found. It is very possible that you will even be able to do a lot of your shopping online and not even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

When you are hitting the sales racks make sure you are getting the sales price. There are many instances that what you see on the sales tag is not the actual price you are getting charged. This generally occurs because the sales prices have not yet been entered into the cash registers yet. Keep an eye on the register during check out and if that is not possible check your receipt right away to be sure that you have been charged the correct amount.

When you go shopping if you do not need a cart do not take one. While many are under the assumption that having carts handy at the front of a store is simply good customer service, it is a ploy to encourage people to buy more then they need. When you choose, to not take a cart you will be limited to purchasing only what you need and the temptation to get things that you do not really need is taken out of your hands.

Making the decision to become a frugal shopper does not mean the end of all fun. You can shop very responsibly and still end up with a nice chunk of change in your pocket. Who wouldn’t be happy with that?

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Money Making Tips for Article Marketing

Millions of people use the Internet each day in order to find a solution to a problem. Whether it is the solution to a homework problem or the reason behind a nasty cough there is an answer to be found somewhere online. Very rarely however does someone go online with the sole intention of buying a product or service. This is the reason why article marketing is such a powerful tool. You can establish yourself as a trusted expert in a particular topic, which will lead to you building a good, solid reputation. Selling a product or service is much easier when people trust you.

Below are some ways to make article marketing profitable:

  • Make the opening paragraph and title to your article unique enough to grab your reader’s attention. When you are searching for something online using a search engine you are going to be more likely to click on an article that has an interesting title and clearly state what the article is all about. Once you have clicked on the article you will be compelled to read the entire thing if it has a great opening paragraph right?
  • You need to write your articles in an easy to understand manner. The thing to keep in mind when you are writing content for the internet is that you are writing for all kinds of readers. This means that everyone from a twelve-year-old child to a ninety-year-old grandmother need to be able to clearly understand the message you are trying to get across. The best approach to take in writing your articles is getting rid of long flowery words and making your message clear and to the point.
  • Be sure to draw all the important points of your article together in the conclusion of your article. Make sure to leave a big impression on your readers so they will turn to you again when they are seeking additional related information. Establishing yourself as an expert in a topic is an excellent way to develop trust which will hopefully convert your readers to clients as most all consumers prefer to do business with someone they trust.
  • Be vigilant in submitting your articles to article directories. This is an excellent way to develop a large amount of back links to your website which will drastically increase the amount of traffic that you are currently getting. Article submission websites like www.ezinearticles.com are a great place to begin submitting your articles.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Top Tips For Making Money Online

There are almost as many ways to make money on the Internet, as there are sites online. One of the best things about online businesses is that they can be extremely inexpensive to set up and run. You are able to avoid overheads such as premises, stock, staff and equipment.

The first thing to do when you are considering starting an online business is how are you going to make money from your site? There are several options and we will discuss a few of the most common here along with some of the pros and cons of each type.

Adsense – Adsense are the ads run by Google on your website, people pay to have there ads displayed on various sites and the site owner gets paid when the ads are clicked on.
Pros – Easy to set up and the payments are coming from a very well respected company so your payments should be safe and guaranteed.
Cons – Unless you are in a very competitive market such as legal services, loans or insurance the amounts earned per click can be quite small.

Affiliate marketing – This is where you promote someone else’s products or service and you then get a percentage of each sale.
Pros – You can send an unlimited number of potential clients to a site to make purchases and the percentages earned can be large, so the profit potential can be excellent.
Cons – You are sending people from your site to make a sale, there is often no follow up contact between you and the client so you can not build up a relationship with them and sell to them multiple times.

Drop shipping – This is where you sell goods from your site, but you pass the order to some other company to send out the goods.
Pros – You do not have to hold stock, so your cash flow is freed up for further promotions not in stock.
Cons – You are relying on another company to send the goods purchased to your customer, if they are not as professional as you the customer may not be happy with the service and it is you who will have to issue a refund.

One thing you will need is a website, although there are even some opportunities that do not require you to have one, but a good standard site can be produced using free or very inexpensive software, you can also find free templates on the internet that you can use to build your site around.

The one thing I would never save on is good SEO(Search engine optimisation). With good SEO work, you will benefit from having your site higher in the search engines whatever way you choose to make money from it. You can try and optimize your website yourself or you can hire an SEO company. Why not try typing in SEO followed by the area you live in into a search engine to try and find a company near you. For example "SEO Wiltshire" or "SEO Salisbury".

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Making Money as a Freelancer

One of the ways to make money that virtually ANYONE can explore is freelancing. What is freelancing? Well, it's also known as independent contracting, or consulting, whichever label works for you.

A freelancer operates independently and does not receive the traditional salary because he or she has no employer. Instead, the freelancer has "clients", people who pay for particular services offered by the freelancer. So a freelancer can be considered to be self-employed.

Anyone, as long as you have some kind of skill to offer, can be a freelancer. It may be as complex as computer programming or making architectural drawings, to legal consulting, to typing letters, to pet sitting or dog walking, and down to car washing, snow shovelling, or running errands.

The challenges with freelancing arise in the fact that you are independent. You must find your own clients, market your services, and keep your clients. Your earnings are directly dependent on the effort you put in. The advantage is that you are independent. You have more autonomy, can set your own schedules, can pick and choose what jobs you do for what clients, and you run the show.

So start thinking about something that you know how to do, do some research, and see if you can make some money from it.

There are some great websites out there with ideas and lots of help for you. One excellent one is Freelancing Tips. It offers practical, down to earth simple tips to help you get into and succeed at freelancing, find clients, and be efficient. Another good one with lots of interesting content and resources is Freelance Switch.

And always remember, every penny counts, every penny helps.

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Make Money with Affiliate Programs - ThinkHost Affiliate Program

How do you feel about making $100 everytime you send a new customer to a company that offers them a really good deal? Really good, right?

Well, I have one for you, it's called ThinkHost. This is an affiliate program for the ThinkHost hosting company that, as of this writing, promises to pay you $100 for every customer who buys hosting from them after clicking on your link!

Some preliminaries: Signing up to be a ThinkHost affiliate is super easy. You just fill in the application form, and then you get a confirmation email with your login and password. There is no long drawn out approval process or such. After that, you log in to your account and you have access to the banners and everything you need to start promoting the program.

They pay out via check, Paypal, Moneybookers, or Bank/Wire Transfer, so you have many options to get your payments. Also, you can set the minimum payout to what you want, unlike other affiliate programs that won't pay you unless you make large amounts of money. Finally, there banners are attractive and easy to integrate into your website. They even offer you an email template for email campaigns!! And the icing on the cake is that you also make money for every affiliate who joins in under you! Many reasons to run and join ThinkHost Affiliate Program!!
Now let's look at why you would want to promote ThinkHost. What are it's selling points, and what can you tell your readers or leads, that would make them want to go to ThinkHost and buy hosting so you can make that $100?

Well, here's what the plan offers:

» 100 gigabytes server space!
» 1000 gigabytes bandwidth!
» Unlimited MySQL databases included!
» Host unlimited domains/sites!
» FTP access
» Secure Telnet (SSH) access
» Microsoft FrontPage extensions
» Unlimited POP3 e-mail accounts
» Webmail interface with IMAP support
» Unlimited autoresponders
» Unlimited email forwarders
» PHP 4 + Perl 5
» FreeBSD Unix/Linux Apache server
» mod_rewrite and other modules
» Full cgi-bin capabilities w/ SSI support
» Free dedicated IP with SSL support*
» Raw logs and detailed traffic reports
» WAP/WML support
» Ruby on Rails support
» FastCGI support
» Python support
» Full .htaccess capabilities
» 28 day money back guarantee!

Special Bonuses:
» Bonus software/tools - value $400!
» Free shopping cart, mail list manager
» Free forum software , photo gallery
» Free blog software
» Free site builder
» Anti-spam &-virus filtering systems
» Free web design templates

Account Management:
» Easy setup
» Account management panel

Support, security & reliability:
» Dedicated, caring support team
» Comprehensive knowledge base
» PCI compliant servers
» Multi-stage backups & generator
» 24/7 WatchMouse server monitoring

Green features
» Powered by wind & solar energy!
» A tree planted on your behalf!

Now don't you think that's worth promoting? There buyer gets an amazing discount if they pay for a longer time in advance, and there is a 28-day money back guarantee.

So if you're in the market for an affiliate program to join, sign up for ThinkHost, it might prove to be very profitable for you.

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Make a Few Hundred Dollars Everyday!

This excellent article on making money was written by Vahid Chaychi, and gives you very clear instructions on a strategy for making money that is very viable and something that will cost you next to nothing to start.

No I am not trying to refer you to an affiliate program or sell something to you. I have written an article about the free legitimate method that makes up to $500 to $1000 for you everyday. I am telling you about the method briefly. This can be a good start point for your online work at home business.

How it works? It is very easy but it needs working. It is not a HYIP program that changes your $100 to 100,000 in three month. Of course I have never seen any HYIP program that do what it claims it can do. All of the are scams. Avoid them.

So if you are not too lazy to work, here it is the way you can make money:

  1. Choose a niche or category. For example Business or Health and Fitness. Something you know more about it is better.

  2. Choose a product from the category you chose.
    If you like to do both of the above stages in one site, Just take a look at the ClickBank Marketplace. There are 9 different categories. Choose one of them and then choose a product from it.

  3. Sign up for a free blog at www.blogger.com

  4. Write a review for the product and post it on your blog.

  5. Search for the related forums, join them, write a different review for the product and post to the forums. Have your blog URL in your signatures.

  6. Keep on posting. Answer all the questions. Do not try to convince people to buy the product. Just tell them about what it does and what you know about it.

  7. Do this with as many forums as you can.

  8. Keep on working.

  9. You will make at least $500 for the first week. It will be increased and can become up to $500 to $1000 a day.

  10. Do not spam. Do not break the forums rules. Be a good member for them. Help other members kindly. People hate those who try to sell something to them. Do not try to sell your products to them. Just try to show them a new way to resolve some problems. They will buy your product when they see you are honest.


Monday, December 31, 2007

Making Every Penny Count in 2008

Happy New Year to all!! It's fast approaching 2008 in my part of the world, and it may already be there where you are. Regardless of your location, I am sure we all share one common resolution in the coming year - to be more successful at making money, to make more money, and to move toward financial security.

Regardless of what 2007 has been for you, it's time to make a fresh start.

  • If you've made lots of money in 2007, good for you!! Maybe you'll share with us and tell us more about how you got there. Let your goal be to replicate and increase your earnings in the new year.

  • If you haven't done so good in 2007, ah well! It's over. New start, new goals, new opportunities. Let your goal for 2008 be to make more than you did in 2007.

  • If you lost money in 2007,again, ah well! We live and learn! And this should be your goal in 2008, to look back and see what you did wrong, or what you didn't do that you could have done, and to make the necessary changes to make 2008 a better year for you.

I have done all the above. I made some good money, I didn't do so good at times, and I lost some money, so my goals are going to be to learn from my mistakes, to replicate my successes, and to move faster towards financial security, which is my long-term goal!

Make sure you subscribe to this blog as I will be sharing more and more of what I'm learning about making every penny count, and becoming more prosperous.

Here's to a fruitful and prosperous 2008.

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Earning High Interest on your Small Savings with High Yield Online Savings Accounts

We've talked before about the importance of spending less than you earn and saving the rest. We revealed this as one of the main strategies to building wealth.

People often get discouraged with saving money though because the interest in conventional savings accounts. They usually offer really low interest rates such that you don't really see any tangible or encouraging growth on your savings. This discourages most people and they decide to not save until they have a lot of money then they can save in higher yielding accounts, such as Mutual Funds or Money Market Accounts, which have higher interest rates but require higher deposits to open.

This kind of thinking is inaccurate, because the odds are that you won't have a lot of money to open these high yielding accounts if you don't start saving the little money that you have now.

There is however a workaround to the low-yielding conventional savings accounts, and that is to open a high yield ONLINE savings account. These accounts are growing more popular with those who know about them because, unlike the conventional high yield savings accounts, these high yield online accounts will let you open an account with minimal deposit, and still give you a high interest rate! Now that is what I call an attractive option!

There are several of these kinds of accounts around, and you can shop to find the one that best appeals to you. As with anything else, you want to do your homework and protect your hard-earned money:

1. Make sure the bank is legit, and not an online scam. Google it, and make sure you know everything there is to know about it.
2. Make sure the bank has a physical address with contact information. Call them if you can to verify that it's an actual bank.
3. Make sure that the bank is FDIC insured, which means that if anything happens to the bank, you will be able to get your money back.
4. Try and find out what their customer service is like, by asking on forums, and calling them to ask about their accounts to see how they respond.
5. Examine their web interface to make sure that it makes sense and that it looks user friendly. Try and go through the process of opening an account to see how easy and friendly it is.

One of the ways to shop for information about online savings accounts is to visit forums that talk about financial matters, and search to see what people have to say about the different banks you're considering. Two such places where you can find helpful information are the Craigslist money discussion forum, and the Fatwallet finance forum. Here you can search for information in previous discussions and ask your own specific questions, and people are usually willing to help.

I will be reviewing and discussing the different online savings accounts in coming posts and hope to show you the merits of putting your pennies where they can earn you a good return without a high deposit.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

“Why Great SYSTEMS Will Always Outperform People”

This is the first in a series of posts that is aimed at helping you, the reader, find and explore different opportunities for making money. As you read these offerings, please bear in mind all the principles that we've discussed in previous posts on how to avoid getting scammed, and on the importance of thoroughly researching and thinking through every opportunity that you find.

This opportunity has been submitted by GeneratingWealth.

“Why Great SYSTEMS Will Always Outperform People”

Have you ever asked yourself why people fail? Well there are many scientific reasons/explanations that are often put forward and most are worthy for all to consider. The key thing, however, is to concentrate not on the reasons for failure, but how to correct it and look for alternatives. After all, a great leader once said “Failure is a great teacher”.

“People fail 80% of the time and a system always wins”. Why is this?

Firstly, what most people lack is a clear vision. Without a clearly defined vision, most people simply fail and end up ‘wondering about’. A strong vision is what is sought least but one of the main reasons for failure. Without a vision, you are just a ship floating in the ocean of business; you are letting the tides dictate your outcome, not the controls of the ship you are manning.

Another reason why people fail is due to a lack of experience and/or knowledge. Without fully knowing what you are doing, how does one expect success? That is why I advice ALL to gain knowledge of what they plan to engage themselves in before jumping in the deep end. One way of eliminating this problem could be by getting a Mentor; someone who has achieved exactly what you aspire to.

Action! It is probably an overstated point, but without MASSIVE ACTION, people will almost always fail at what they are doing. The main cause of a lack of action is Procrastination; this can be defined as a type of avoidance behaviour which is characterised by deferment of actions or tasks to a later time. Sometimes one would have the intention to do something, but then delay it and not do it at all! The above is a classic example of why PEOPLE fail and why great SYSTEMS prevail. We can now turn to the other side of our equation: SYSTEMS.

Great systems that are proven to work are generally hard to find and once found, very expensive. One can conclude that a McDonald’s or Burger King Franchise SYSTEM works but not everyone can afford the franchise fee. They both have great systems and people generally ‘work’ the system. The system has all the necessary procedures/guidelines in place and these are constantly refined and fine tuned to work better.

The problem is it would probably take a random individual many years to develop a great system half as effective as the two mentioned above. An effective SYSTEM is that which has all the components working in tandem e.g. sales, marketing, finance, client service, operations etc. There are various theories on how to set up the ‘sub-systems’ above, but this report will not go into this.

So what can we derive from the above and how does one go about attaining or becoming part of a GREAT SYSTEM? Well, we can probably conclude, from the points given above, that GREAT SYSTEMS are more effective and will outperform PEOPLE!

In terms of finding a GREAT SYSTEM that is accessible to the
average person, I can recommend a SYSTEM that has created $3,630,000 in commissions for its members in the last 14 weeks. Now if that isn’t a PROVEN SYSTEM then I don’t know what is. The good thing about this SYSTEM is that all the components are ready and it is what one would refer to as a ‘Plug and Play SYSTEM’. The founder has put in years of hard work, trying and testing hundreds of alternatives and has fine tuned this SYSTEM to perfection.

Not everyone can simply join this SYSTEM as every person has to fill in an online application form and be verified by the SYSTEM chiefs. This is a SYSTEM that is changing lives and it eliminates the ‘Human factor’.

Contact the author for further info.

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Thursday, November 1, 2007

How To Prevent Yourself From Being In Debt?

In the last few years, because of various credit cards and loans from banks people are finding themselves in a great deal of debt. Using credit cards has become a norm, and everyone is spending over the limit. People are taking loans to buy homes and exotic cars, only to find that they cannot pay EMIs. Though there is no harm in doing the above, keeping a check on your spending, as mentioned before, will help a great deal.

Loans can be taken carefully so that you are able to repay the EMIs. Credit cards must be used when you know that you can pay back the amount every month. You should also ask yourself whether you really need all the things that you have. You need not spend just because your neighbor is able to do so. Spending within limits, and putting aside money every month is the best solution.

You can also use the help of accountants to help you chalk out an investment plan. They can guide you because they will understand what is within your limits. Also ensure to choose a trustworthy person with your money. Applying your thoughts is most essential above all, as it is your future that is at stake.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Make Money with your blog using PayPerPost

Opportunities await! Get paid for blogging.

In one of the posts on the starting stages, I talked about the importance of setting up a website or a blog for making money. I talked about how to get started making money with no money by setting up a blog, and explained the process to you.

Assuming that you followed the advice I gave you in that post and have been blogging faithfully, I want to discuss with you today another method for making money simply by posting on your blog. Get Paid to Blog About the Things You Love!
with PayPerPost. This is a program that I started using a while ago and it works great. You simply join the program using your blog, go through the approval process, and then select the opportunities that look interesting to you. Depending on your blog's popularity and traffic, you will get different kinds of opportunities, and as you post more and more paid posts, your reputation grows as do the offers.

You can also get a button to put on your blog through which your visitors can ask you to do a paid post for them and you get paid. This is a great program because it gives you the flexibility to choose what opportunities you want to blog about, so the posts you make won't be too out of tone with your regular posts.

So Generate buzz. Drive more traffic. Sell more product.
Make some money with PayPerPost.

Opportunities await! Get paid for blogging.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Make Money with Adbrite

In the past few posts we've been talking about principles and concepts on making and keeping money. So now it's time for another money-making idea - Adbrite!

This is an advertising program that I've been trying out for a while now and it's working really well for me. Adbrite allows you to place ads on your pages. You have the option to have text ads, image ads, or interstitials, or all of them!!

I have been using Adbriteon one of my websites and the return has been so much better than adsense that I greatly recommend it. With Adbrite you have control of what ads get shown on your website, you can choose to accept or reject ads by choosing to review ads before they show on your website, and there is no limit to the number of ads you can have on a page. The process of incorporating the ads is simple and straightforward.

You can create ad zones and monitor them, and Adbrite also has a referral program where you can earn for referring other publishers. And if you need some exposure for your website, Adbrite has an active marketplace where you can buy advertising from other publishers.

* Monetize your site with complete control over your pricing
* Approve or reject ads
* Sell directly to your users with our "Your Ad Here" link
* Customize your ads for seamless integration into your site's design
* Adbrite works great by itself, or alongside ads from other networks (Google, Yahoo, etc.) or your own sales team
* Through a small snippet of HTML placed on your site, Adbrite handles ad serving, billing, customer service, and sales

Join Adbrite today and start making money from your website!

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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Is shopping destroying your life?

In my last post I talked about the importance of having a monthly budget.

The shopping industry has grown, and there are many exciting outlets as well as many eye-catching flashy brands pf everything to choose from. Anyone who has even a little money will be tempted to go shopping. With women it may be buying the latest shade of makeup and with men the newest electronic gadget in town, or vice versa, no stereotypes intended. But most of the time, the items we buy on this kinds of trips end up sitting in our cupboards for eons without ever being used.

If we make a habit of shopping this way every month, what happens to our savings? Well, nothing positive. We are left with a big dent in our bank accounts, and a lot of unnecessary items in our closets - nice, but unnecessary.

Shopping needs to be restricted to only the things we need and also only to specific schedules. This way, you can keep a check on what you are spending monthly and can also put aside some amount towards savings.

When you buy things, you can schedule them for occasions, and can plan and put aside money every month for this purpose. Buying only essential things is a very important habit to develop. After you have saved enough money, and have planned your spending intentionally, you can buy luxurious things.

Don't just buy things to buy things. Think about what you're buying. Give it a day or two, and then come back to it. You may find the urge to shop is less and the item doesn't look as important as it did before.

I am going to be talking about the perils of impulse buying in a later post, but for now, think about your shopping habits, and if they are destroying your life. Do you have a shopping schedule?

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Do you have a monthly budget?

I want to continue in the vein of my last post about accumulating wealth. At the beginning when I started this blog I told you that my aim was not just to teach you different methods of making money, but more importantly to teach you the principles of making money, and to get you to think about how to make money and how to be successful, and to make your moves thoughtfully. While I do expose different money-making ideas, I don't want you to lose sight of the principles and the thought that you need to put behind these methods for them to be successful for you.

In my last post I talked about the very basic principle of spending less than you make. This is a basic, simple principle, but it makes all the difference. So today I have a question for you... do you make a monthly budget? Do you have a written out plan of how your earnings are going to be spent, or do you wait to spend the money as you make it? Do you have a sense of what your monetary priorities are, of what you must do and what can wait?

Saving money is not something that everyone does. Very few people understand the importance of saving money and spending what you have wisely as well. I believe that one of our greatest enemies today is the credit card. It allows us to spend money anytime and anywhere, and millions of people fall into the trap. Here is the problem, when you use a credit card, you are spending money that you don't have. I will talk more about this later, so save that thought for now and process it.

Saving money is essential because we never know what will happen to the economy.

Whether you run a business of any kind, or are employed in some firm, drawing monthly budgets is safest way to protect ourself and ensure that you're not spending more than you make.

A good way to go about this, an algorithm if you wish, would be as follows: First, you need to determine if there are any outstanding bills to be paid. This includes the rent/mortgage, electricity, gas, and bank loans if there are any. Having taken care of this, check what is left. The second thing is to put something aside for your absolute necessities, food and other essential groceries. Most people live pretty routine lives, so you know how much you need for groceries each month. And if you don't, you can figure it out by keeping good records and receipts of your grocery shopping trips, removing all the non-essential luxury purchases, and then totalling how much you need for your necessary groceries each month.

From what is left you should put aside a good amount in savings, and choosing recurring deposits with banks is a great idea. You can indicate the amount so that the process is automated.

You can then use what is left over to treat yourself, to go luxury shopping, or entertain yourself. If the money is not much, you can choose entertainment that won’t cost you much. But you will do this securely knowing that you are saving for your future, that you're building your wealth, that you have something put away for a rainy day.

While it may not seem much at the beginning, you will find that if you are disciplines, your savings will start to grow and accumulate, and as you see this happen you will be more and more motivated to save more and to start investing and securing your future more.

Do you have a monthly budget?

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Accumulating Wealth - the foundational principles

Today I came across a post in another blog (Seocracy) titled "How to accumulate Wealth." Isn't that an ambitious title?? That's what I thought too. I tend to avoid writings with such titles because more often than not the content is a scam, or an inflated idea with no merits or ground, or someone's attempt to make money by making you click on numerous affiliate links that lead nowhere. But I read this post simply because I respect Rob (the author) and he always writes really solid stuff about computer geek stuff, so I was curious to see what he had to say about accumulating wealth.

Remember at the very beginning of this blog I talked about taking a thoughtful approach to making money and how important this was? Well, this is one of those posts that reinforces what I said. Rob, in his post, takes a very traditional approach to thinking about money:

The secret to wealth is this: Spend less than you earn.

The more you earn and the less you spend, the richer you become.

Isn't that simple? And yet it is so true. This is one of the foundational principles to getting wealthy, spend less than you make. It's the basics!!

Rob goes on to explain that the reason people don't get wealthy is because they are more interested in appearing to be wealthy than they are in actually being wealthy. Isn't that interesting? Think about it... did you NEED that iphone... wouldn't your old Motorola have been just as good? Wouldn't the 2003 model got you from point A to B as easily as the newest coolest-looking model? I may be over-simplifying, but take some time and think about whether your own inherent need to appear to others that you're "doing well" is doing you in. This is what Rob says:

It’s because people don’t actually want to be wealthy. People want to appear wealthy. People want to make their friends and neighbors jealous. People want to live beyond their means.

It’s this overwhelming need to appear rich that keeps people from actually becoming rich. This is one of the top reasons why people aren’t wealthier. They get caught in this crazy cycle of spending and consuming, they fall for the marketing, buy the latest trends, need the newest cell phone, and guess what?? I bet those people have no clue of what their net worth really is, or even how to calculate it. These are people who will never become wealthy.

I could go on and on, but I really encourage you to read Rob's post. It will be eye-opening, I assure you.

Then I want you to do some thinking and some math, and think about what you can do different about your spending habits, and what difference it will make. Think about how much you make versus how much you spend.

I will be talking about this some more in the near future.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Money Maker Blogs Recommends...

Money Maker Blogs is a blog that brings together the different blogs, websites, and forums on the web about making money. I mentioned this website before as a nice way to get some exposure for your website or blog if you talk about making money.

The website now has an added feature called Money Maker Blog recommends... On this page, different money making programs, books, ideas, products, and more are reviewed to allow you to pick the best based on what you think of it and on other readers' votes. So if you want them to recommend something to you or for you, head on there and contact them to get your product or program reviewed.

And while there, remember to vote for this blog to increase our ranking.

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Friday, September 7, 2007

Join AuctionAds now and get $25!!

In a previous post I introduced you to AuctionAds as a way to make money using your website. Well, today I have some great news for you. AuctionAds is giving $25 to every new publisher who joins the program.

New publishers just need to sign up and they will receive a balance of $25.00 automatically.

Now who could turn down a great offer like this... Try AuctionAds and get your free $25. You have nothing to lose!

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Code4Gold Stops Paying for Posts

A while ago I recommended to you that you join Code4Gold forums and get paid for posting on the forums. Well, today I checked in and Code4Gold has decided to stop paying members for posting. The reasons given by the admins were:

#1) There is no E-Currency that accepts members from all of the countries of the world that is trustworthy.
#2) The PTP system has brought more troublemakers, cheaters and scammers than it's worth.
#3) The best members who bring real discussion here have never requested a PTP payout.
#4) I don't have time to check accounts, make payments and respond to the same PM's asking the same questions over and over again.
#5) The mods and I don't have time to chaase down postbuilders and then get attacked by them when they are caught.

I would like to have this forum exhibit quality over quantity and if it means losing members who are trouble and members who are willing to cheat for a few dollars it will be well worth it in the end for all of the people who come here to chat with friends and have a good time without having postbuilders interrupting conversations.

There are still many other PTP forums out there on the internet and their are new ones springing up every day.

So there it is! And yes, there are other PTP forums, and I will research them and bring them to you. In the meantime, we will continue to explore other methods of making money.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Make some easy money with your websites and The AdNetwork

After Bucks4Banners closed it's doors, I promised you that I would find you another program similar to it, and I did, it's called The AdNetwork!

The way this program works is simple. You apply for an account with The AdNetwork using an existing website that you own. It doesn't matter how old the website is or how much traffic it has or does not have. They do have a few rules about what the site can and cannot have in terms of content, just the usual stuff... no adult content, no illegal stuff, no get-rich-quick websites, etc.

In your application, you have to provide The AdNetwork with three urls, all from the same domain, where you intend to place their banners. Then wait the two or three days for them to manually review your site. Once you're approved, you're provided with specific code that you paste into the three pages that you specified. Remember that it doesn't matter whether or not you have traffic, all that matters is that the website meets their content specs, which is not hard to do.

You will get paid as long as the three ads remain on your website, regardless of whether someone clicks on them, or whether no one ever visits your website. Isn't that easy?

You can add as many domains as you want, and once they're approved you can put the banners on the pages. Now that's an easy way to make some money every month. They pay using Amazon vouchers or PayPal. And guess what, they have an affiliate program too!

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and apply for The AdNetwork and Earn Credit for your Website!

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Make Money with AuctionAds

In a previous post I discussed making money on your website by using Google Adsense. Today I want to discuss another advertising service that also yields good results - AuctionAds .

I am assuming that by now you have a website up and running using the tips I gave you in previous posts, and you have been driving traffic to it. I hope you have also joined some PTP forums like Code4Gold that pay you for making posts, and affiliate programs such as LinkShare Referral Program, and are starting to make some money from these different venues.

AuctionAds is a service that allows you to post eBay ads on your website. Signing up is easy and fast, and once you're a publisher, you can create and customize the ads that you want to appear on your page. One of the differences between adsense and AuctionAds is that you can specify the keywords for the ads that you want on your pages. So say you have a website about dogs, you can specify keywords such as dog, "dog leash", etc, to serve the ads you want to show. You can set colors and links so that your ads blend in well with your website, and the process is easy and painfree.

One nice thing about AuctionAds is that there is no restriction as to how many ads you can have on your page, unlike adsense which limits you.

AuctionAds has an affiliate program, so that if someone joins AuctionAds using a link you have posted on your site, you get some payment for that. So check out AuctionAds and see if you can add to your sources of income!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bucks4Banners Closes its Doors

Today I was going to post about a new program I found, bucks4banners.net, and tell you how wonderful I thought it was. I usually don't like to post about a program until I have used it and found that it works. So I was waiting for my sign-on bonus and payment before telling you to join the program. Yesterday I received my payment, as promised, and was really excited. When I opened their web page to look at my account, I found the following message:

We are no longer accepting new applicants for Bucks4Banners. You can log in below if you have an existing account.

It seems that they have closed the doors to new applicants. Sad.

I will be keeping an eye on the website and will post as soon as they reopen their program. In the meantime, I will be searching for more money-making programs and posting about them here.


Sunday, August 5, 2007

Make Money with Affiliate Networks - Linkshare

Besides using advertising to monetize your website, you can also use affiliate programs. The way affiliate programs work is by giving you code to paste on your webpages, much like adsense and other advertising programs do. The difference with affiliate programs is that the person who clicks on the ad needs to performs some act for you to earn money.

For example, if you're an Amazon.com affiliate, then users would need to click on your links and buy something, for you to earn revenue. In some cases, all a user needs to do is click on the link and request information. This is called a "lead", and I find these to be the easiest ones to earn from since the user doesn't have to spend money.

There are many affiliate programs, and I will present them to you one or two at a time.

The first one that I will discuss is the LinkShare Referral Program.

This program makes you money every time someone clicks on one of your links and applies for an account with Linkshare. LinkShare offers affiliates the opportunity to earn money by referring other affiliates to the LinkShare Network. Earn $1.50 for every valid referral that registers as an affiliate with LinkShare and generates at least one click-through within 30 days of registering.

Because getting an account is free, you actually have better conversion rates with this kind of affiliate program because people will usually sign up for free stuff.

LinkShare  Referral  Prg

As you can see, they have a variety of banners that you can try out, and text links too, and choose the best one for you. You can also rotate among several types of banners.

So try out Linkshare and start earning some money.

LinkShare  Referral  Prg

Click here to become a LinkShare Affiliate!


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Make Money fromyour Website/Blog with Advertising

In my last post I suggested one quick way of making money even without a website, and that was by joining a Paid to Post forum like Code4Gold, and learning about making money while getting paid for it.

In this post I am going to continue on with the idea of using your website for making money. In a previous post, I gave you some directions on getting a website going, and what you needed. If you've come with me this far, you now have the tools you need to make some money, and a website that you can use for this.

One of the easiest ways to make money using your website is to sell advertising space. There are many companies that would love to put their ads on your web page, especially if you create a website that has rich relevant content. Since you don't want to go out looking for these companies, let Google do it for you. Google Adsense makes sense! It's one of the easiest ways to start monetizing your website or blog and making some money.

To get adsense you need a Gmail account and a website. Then simply apply for an adsense account, ensuring that your website has a good amount of content. You need to make sure that your website does not contain any adult material, illegal stuff (like discussions on pirating software and stuff like that, because this violated the Adsense Terms of Service.

Once you have your adsense account, you can start placing the ads on your website or blog and customizing them to suit your layout. I will be posting some optimization tips that you can follow to make the best of your ad space. Adsense also has a user forum where people can advise you and help you optimize your ad placement.

So go now and apply for an adsense account and start monetizing your website!


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Easy ways to make some money - 1

So far we have talked about setting up a website as one of the prerequisites for making money, and I gave you some guidance on how to get started with this whether or not you have a budget.

I am going to assume that you're working hard creating your site and putting content in it, because that's going to be useful. But for this post, I want to introduce an easy way to make money without a website, so this is something that you can do while setting up your site and afterwards to make some money on the side. The method I am referring to is Pay-to-Post (PTP). There are many forums that offer PTP, where you register, for free, as a member, and then earn money for each post you make. In some forums, you have to post a particular number of words, and in others you can only post in designated areas. Some forums are fully PTP and others only offer PTP when they're starting up, or at different times.

You can search for them, and I will be post as I find good ones for you, but beware that there are scammers out there, so think before you leap. I will post the ones that I know and I'm sure of.

For a start, I want to strongly recommend Code4Gold. This is a forum about making money online, and covers many different types of programs and is very very helpful. I highly recommend that you sign up for Code4Gold and start posting because you will also learn A LOT about making money while at the same time making some money.

And here's the other cool thing: Once you become a member, you can make money also by getting others to sign up, just like I am getting you to sign up, by becoming an affiliate. I will be explaining more about affiliate programs in another post, but for now, go ahead and join Code4Gold, and start making some money. You will need an E-Gold Account for payment, which is even easier to sign up for than PayPal, so go for it, sign up for Code4Gold, and then go to E-Gold and create an account, and finally, go back to Code4Gold and set up your PTP payment settings in your profile so that you can start earning and learning!!

UPDATE Sep 3, 2007 - Code4Gold Forums has stopped paying for posts - read more here.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

You CAN make money with no money!

Is it possible to start making money online with no money to start? The answer is YES... Absolutely. And I am going to tell you how in this post and others to follow.

We are laying the foundation for making money by first creating a website. In my previous post I outlined some steps to get a website started for making money for people who had a small budget to work with and could afford to register a domain name and get a hosting account. Everything that I talked about past this will be applicable to you too even if you have no budget.

The two things from the previous post that you would not be able to do without money is buy a domain name and get a hosting account. The solution to these two issues lies in one place - get a free hosting account! There are many hosting providers out there that will offer you a free hosting plan that is limited in some sense. Most free hosting plans add advertising to your website that you almost always have no control of. You need to be careful to read the terms of service before signing up for a free hosting plan to make sure your options are not too restricted.

Ideally, you want a hosting plan that will:
1. Support PHP/MySQL, in case you want to install a CMS or blogging platform.
2. Give you a few MySQL databases
3. Has a script installer that has the most common scripts - like Fantastico
4. Allows you to run scripts, such as you need for installing ads and such.
5. Allows you to put your own ads on your website.

I have the last one in bold for a reason, this is one of the best ways to make money, by selling advertising space on your website.

One of the best free platforms, if you want to start a blog, is Blogger, which is where this blog is hosted. It offers you many themes to choose from, and with a little tweaking and a little knowledge you can add your ads to your content and page, as you can see from the sidebar of this blog. While Wordpress.com also gives you completely free blogging space, they do not allow you to put ads on your page for free, so stick with Blogger.

If you don't want to use a blogging platform, then do a Google search for free web hosts to see what your options are. Make sure to carefully read their terms of service and make sure you have as many options as possible. I am going to be scouring the web to bring you a list of the best free webhosts, but I do recommend that you consider getting a low-cost hosting plan such as the ones offered by Hasty Host, and invest in that domain name as soon as you can (www.GoDaddy.com
), because then you have so much more control over what you can do. IF you buy your domain name at GoDaddy, you can also get hosting from them, and get your domain name at a much lower cost. So check out GoDaddy.com Hosting Plans

So if you really want to start with no money at all, find a good free host to work with, make sure your understand their terms of service, register for your free account, and then follow the steps from my previous post. Find something you enjoy talking about and start creating content.

In my next post I am going to start talking about the different ways you can start monetizing your website, making money off of it.


Saturday, July 28, 2007

Get a Website - Make Some Money

In the last post I listed some things you would want to have to get started making money. As you read through the web you will find many websites that tell you how to make money, and most, if not all of those websites are making money by telling you how to make money! As I mentioned in my blog disclaimer, I too hope to make some money telling you how to make money. In fact, someone has created a blog about blogs that talk about making money, it's called Money Maker Blogs!! This blog is the first one listed over there, so if you enjoy what I write here, please go over to Money Maker Blogs and rank this blog.

So, based on this knowledge, the first thing we should do is set you up with a website, or blog, whichever you prefer. Don't worry if you feel like you don't know where to start, we are going to go step by step.

The first thing any serious website has is a domain name. Websites that have their own domain name are taken a lot more seriously than those that don't. But if you can't afford one, don't worry, I will be following this post up with one about what to do if you have no money. But read on, because a lot of what I write here will apply to you too.

Get a Domain Name
Think of what you would like to name your website... what domain name to use. Find something relevant to what you want to talk about because it makes it easier for people to correlate and remember you. One of the best places to get yourself a domain name is GoDaddy (www.GoDaddy.com
), one of the most established domain name registrars out there. And they accept PayPal too! So the PayPal account that we talked about in the last post will come in handy here. Once you get your hosting plan, which I will talk about next, you will need to point your domain name from your registrar to your host, and your host will tell you how to do this. If you have any trouble, leave a comment here and we'll discuss it.

Get a Hosting Plan
The second thing you need, now that you have a domain name, is a hosting plan. This is the place where you will set up your home on the web to start making some money. There are numerous hosting providers out there, and I can recommend two because I have used them for some time now with no issues. Depending on yout budget, you can go for a cheaper host, like Hasty Host, or a more costly one, like Hosting Zoom. Hasty Host has low budget hosting plans that still offer you great features, lost of hosting space, and the most important thing, great support. This, for me, has always been the best feature of Hasty Host, that they have great support and will walk you through any problems fast and efficiently. If you want to shell out a little more, Hosting Zoom is another excellent hosting provider, with great deals, stable systems, great support, and a friendly useful user forum. So consider one of these for your hosting needs. You can get onto Google and find many more, but these are the two that I have used consistently with no problems. Again, if you have no money, I have recommendations for you in the next post that I will write, so stick with me.

Set up your Website
The next thing is to find something you enjoy and love talking about, and set up your website. Creating content is important, and we will talk about that more. But let's talk about the website for now. You will need to decide whether you want to set up a standard website, or a blog. If you are good at setting up websites and know some HTML, PHP, CSS and all that other good stuff, then you're ready to go. If not, then you may want to consider starting with a blog. You can set up a blog fast and free using Wordpress or other blogging platforms on your hosting account, or as I will discuss in the next post, on a free blogging website such as this blog is hosted on. You can also decide to use a Content Management System (a CMS), and there are plenty of those that come ready to install on most hosting accounts.

Once you have your site set up and your content going, you can start to monetize your website or blog using different venues, that I will cover in the coming posts. So go on now and get yourself a domain name (www.GoDaddy.com
) and a hosting account, and set up a website. If you're totally broke, hang in there, I will be putting something up for you shortly.

Go Daddy $1.99 Domains


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Things you will need to make money online and offline

I am going to share some things that I wish someone had told me when I started venturing into the world of making money. In my posts I am going to be sharing with you how to make money from different sources. Some are obvious, like having a job, and others aren't too obvious, like having a website. I am going to cover all of them. But for all these venues of income there are some things that will come in handy and make your transactions that much easier and smoother.

1. A Bank Account
I'm sure this seems obvious, but better to mention it. You need somewhere to put your money, and to deposit checks, and to receive direct deposits. Banks are good because money in your hand is easily spent, and the faster you put it away the better.

2. A Tax Identification number
If you're in the US, an SSN or other tax ID number will be needed by a lot of the people you deal with. In some cases it may not, but it's good to have it so that you don't lock out any potential sources of income. If for some reason you don't qualify for a social security number you can get a tax identification number from the IRS. If you are outside the US you will need to check what your particular country requires for tax filing purposes.

3. A Website
These come in really handy when you're trying to make some money. Gone are the days when creating your own website was a big deal. Now you can set up a hosting account, and have your website or blog up and running in short order. I will be sharing with you how to make that happen.

4. A PayPal Account
PayPal is an online merchant system that allows you to accept and send payments online. Having a paypal account is almost indispensable today, especially if you transact online a lot. You can open a PayPal account here. PayPal allows you to accept credit cards, echecks, and other forms of payment securely.

In the next post I'm going to talk about getting yourself a website and why that's important. I will also explain in brief different ways you can use your website to make money online and offline.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Making Money Blog - A Full Disclosure

Before I go any further and start giving you actual ideas and tips on making money, I need to make a full disclosure. One of the principles that I operate on and try to live by is that of honesty. I am not here to trick you, and I don't want to make money by trickery. Remember that more than anything I want to make you think your way into making good money.

In my previous post Starting out - things to consider, I said that you should always ask Why? And if you've thought about it some more, you should be asking yourself why I am writing this blog, why I am sharing this information with you, why I will be giving you the ideas that I will. That's what this disclosure post is about. I am giving you the answer to the why question for this blog.

1. For my ego

I write this blog because I enjoy sharing what I know. I spend a lot of time online, and see a lot of different endeavors that people go into and then give up on, or succeed in. I belong to a lot of forums, and I will be sharing more about this, and have seen the way making money works and fails, and I want to share with you what I have learned and am always learning. IF someone succeeds by making even a single penny from what I've shared here I will be ecstatic!! So it's good for my ego!

2. To make money

The second reason I write this blog is so that I can make some money. I am sharing on making money, and in the process I hope to make some money from this blog. How will I do this? Well, all the tips I will give you as I go will be tips that I will probably be using here.
  • Adsense ads - on the right sidebar you can see a series of ads. This make me money every time someone clicks on them. I will show you how to use them in different ways.
  • Affiliate links - by becoming an affiliate of different networks and companies, I earn money every time I refer someone who buys something or signs up for something. So some of the links I put on here will be affiliate links, which means that every time you click on them and actually buy or sign up for something I make a little money. Not all of them will be, but some will. I will also be talking about affiliate marketing later.
So far, those are the two methods. I will share more methods as I implement them.

Why am I making these disclosures? Because it is the ethical thing to do. Because successful relationships and transactions, whether in life or in business or in blogging, are built on trust. Because I want you to know that I benefit from you reading my blog, and from you clicking on my links, and I want you to have the choice to either support me, or not. If I post an affiliate link to Paypal, for example, I will make money if you sign up after clicking my link. You can also decide to open a new browser window and just open Paypal for yourself, and I make no money that way. I want to give you the choice.

That is my disclosure. Now let's get back to making money.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ideas for Making Money - Give Something Away

In my previous post I talked in general about the different channels of generating income. I am going to start breaking these down, in no particular order, and present you with ideas to think about, and act on.

When people come to a website like this one, they are looking for information, for something to meet a need that they have, or to satisfy their curiosity. If they find it, they will want to come back. So here is my first tip:

Give Something Away.

Give to the people around you, share yourself.

You may wonder what this has to do with making money, and it might not make sense until a bit later down the road, but it is an essential key to making money.

Learn to give, to share, be generous. Give something away for free. You have something you can give, something you can share, something that can benefit someone else and bring no loss to you.

Do not go through life with a closed fist!

Now this is an odd post, isn't it? Well, it will make sense eventually, not just in making money, and becoming wealthy, but in living a life that is fuller and richer. But, make no mistake, it is one of the key concepts in making money... Give something away.

Stay with me... there's a lot more to come...

And remember... I want you to think.


Monday, July 23, 2007

Channels of Income Generation

Now that we've started thinking about making money, and convinced ourselves that every penny counts, and we can do it, it's time to start exploring the HOW. What means and methods can you use to start getting those pennies and cents, and eventually much more, flowing in?

There are MANY ways, and I haven't discovered them all, so feel free to share what you know by leaving a comment.

There are two main categories of income generation:
  1. Conventional Methods - these include the traditional jobs and trades, employed or freelancing, onsite or offsite, telecommuting or not. Under here is also included the selling of products and services.
  2. Unconventional Methods - these include intangible means of making money, and are mostly conducted online, and can be passive or active. Examples are affiliate marketing, ad networks, forum marketplace transactions, and others.
I am going to be expounding on these methods as we progress in exploring channels of income generation.


Sunday, July 22, 2007

Starting out, things to consider

How does one go about making money online? There are a lot of guides out there, some clearer than others, some more extensive than others. As I go I will point out which guides I recommend you read, but we're going to start simple, to avoid overwhelming you with information. The first things is to note that there is No one definitive guaranteed way to make money.

All methods take time, and as you work your way through this blog and try different things you will eventually find the methods that work best for you. My aim is to get you to THINK. I want to get you to a place where you can think and critically evaluate all the suggestions that are out there, picking and choosing, and trying them out, and thinking about the principles behind the method.

Before you adopt a method, I want you to think about several things:

1. Why:

Why the person that is writing about this idea is sharing it.
  • I want you to think about motives and intentions. Why is this author pushing method X or Y?
  • Why is this person trying to get me to sign on for plan K or T?
  • What benefit does the person get if I follow this method?
  • What proof do they show that it works?
  • Is it just words or can they validate it?
  • Why?
2. How:

How does this method work?
  • What principles are being applied to make this work?
  • Is it logical?
  • Does it make sense?
  • Whatever I am doing, if I was the consumer on the other end, would I buy into it?
  • Do I have to do what this guy is doing exactly as he is doing it or is it adaptable?
  • How does it fit into my life?
3. What:
What do I have to do?
  • Is it ethical?
  • Is it something I would be comfortable doing?
  • Will I have a clear conscience as I do this?
  • Is it legal?
  • Is it transparent?
  • Does it involve scamming or lying or misrepresentation?
These are the kind of questions you need to ask, the thought process you need to engage in as you pursue ways of making money. Obviously this is not a comprehensive list, and my goal is not to give you comprehensive lists, but rather to stimulate you to think and find answers, and formulate your own questions.

If you want a no-brainer, you may find one, but the cost may be greater at the end. But if you're prepared to think through the process as you do it, you will learn more than just methods. You will learn principles and concepts that will carry you in good stead through your money-making ventures, and through life itself!


Welcome to Making Money

This is a blog about making money. The aim is to show you, the reader, how to build your wealth. I don't offer you a recipe for making fortunes! This is not a ten step process, or a manual to wealth. It is a collection of ideas that will help you identify what works for you. I will be posting ideas on making money, suggested revenue sources, and success stories to inspire you.

I will be working from several premises:
  • The main premise behind this blog is YOU CAN DO IT. Maybe not in one day, maybe not in one year, but over time, you can secure a nice nest egg for yourself and your family.
  • The second premise, as stated in the description, is that EVERY PENNY COUNTS!! You may not make $1000 now!! But if you make a penny today, a dollar tomorrow, and so on, it adds up. That's the thing, IT ADDS UP!
  • You CAN START NOW! You don't have to wait until you have $1000 to invest. You can start now, with almost nothing, to start making some money, or to lay the foundation to make some money.
Read, listen, think, try, talk, brainstorm, DO.
Be patient, don't give up, be wise with your spending
And always remember - every penny counts, it all adds up!