Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bucks4Banners Closes its Doors

Today I was going to post about a new program I found,, and tell you how wonderful I thought it was. I usually don't like to post about a program until I have used it and found that it works. So I was waiting for my sign-on bonus and payment before telling you to join the program. Yesterday I received my payment, as promised, and was really excited. When I opened their web page to look at my account, I found the following message:

We are no longer accepting new applicants for Bucks4Banners. You can log in below if you have an existing account.

It seems that they have closed the doors to new applicants. Sad.

I will be keeping an eye on the website and will post as soon as they reopen their program. In the meantime, I will be searching for more money-making programs and posting about them here.



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