Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Easy ways to make some money - 1

So far we have talked about setting up a website as one of the prerequisites for making money, and I gave you some guidance on how to get started with this whether or not you have a budget.

I am going to assume that you're working hard creating your site and putting content in it, because that's going to be useful. But for this post, I want to introduce an easy way to make money without a website, so this is something that you can do while setting up your site and afterwards to make some money on the side. The method I am referring to is Pay-to-Post (PTP). There are many forums that offer PTP, where you register, for free, as a member, and then earn money for each post you make. In some forums, you have to post a particular number of words, and in others you can only post in designated areas. Some forums are fully PTP and others only offer PTP when they're starting up, or at different times.

You can search for them, and I will be post as I find good ones for you, but beware that there are scammers out there, so think before you leap. I will post the ones that I know and I'm sure of.

For a start, I want to strongly recommend Code4Gold. This is a forum about making money online, and covers many different types of programs and is very very helpful. I highly recommend that you sign up for Code4Gold and start posting because you will also learn A LOT about making money while at the same time making some money.

And here's the other cool thing: Once you become a member, you can make money also by getting others to sign up, just like I am getting you to sign up, by becoming an affiliate. I will be explaining more about affiliate programs in another post, but for now, go ahead and join Code4Gold, and start making some money. You will need an E-Gold Account for payment, which is even easier to sign up for than PayPal, so go for it, sign up for Code4Gold, and then go to E-Gold and create an account, and finally, go back to Code4Gold and set up your PTP payment settings in your profile so that you can start earning and learning!!

UPDATE Sep 3, 2007 - Code4Gold Forums has stopped paying for posts - read more here.



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