Monday, July 23, 2007

Channels of Income Generation

Now that we've started thinking about making money, and convinced ourselves that every penny counts, and we can do it, it's time to start exploring the HOW. What means and methods can you use to start getting those pennies and cents, and eventually much more, flowing in?

There are MANY ways, and I haven't discovered them all, so feel free to share what you know by leaving a comment.

There are two main categories of income generation:
  1. Conventional Methods - these include the traditional jobs and trades, employed or freelancing, onsite or offsite, telecommuting or not. Under here is also included the selling of products and services.
  2. Unconventional Methods - these include intangible means of making money, and are mostly conducted online, and can be passive or active. Examples are affiliate marketing, ad networks, forum marketplace transactions, and others.
I am going to be expounding on these methods as we progress in exploring channels of income generation.



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