Sunday, October 26, 2008

Keep more of your money by spending frugally.

If you are looking to save more of your hard earned money each week then you need to start being a frugal shopper. When you decide to be more frugal with your money do not get into the mind set that you are depriving yourself of things. Think of it as saving for your future as well as putting yourself in the position to have more money available during the month.

Have you often thought that if you only had more money then you would be better equipped to deal with things when money is not plentiful. If can seem like having more money is the solution when money is tight but that does not have to be the case. While it is completely true that you need to have a certain amount of money each month to meet your basic needs but beyond that it is not about how much money that you have it is all about how you spend your money.

Since how you spend, your money is the way to determine your financial future here are a few tips that will help you keep more money in your pocket.

When you go to a store where you are a frequent shopper, you should always make an effort to be friendly with the store employees. Why make a purchase today if you can wait until tomorrow and get that same product at half the price? By making an effort to be nice to all the store employees, they will be more likely to let you in on when things are going to be on sale.

Ok now while no one really likes to be bothered by telemarketers or spam emails but if their s a store where you are a frequent shopper then it is well worth it to get on their mailing lists. Customers on mailing lists are generally offer specials and discounts that are not offered to those that are not on the list.

Comparison shopping is one of the frugal shoppers best weapons. It is easier then ever to compare products online, which will save you the gas money of running all over town trying to determine where the best deal can be found. It is very possible that you will even be able to do a lot of your shopping online and not even have to leave the comfort of your own home.

When you are hitting the sales racks make sure you are getting the sales price. There are many instances that what you see on the sales tag is not the actual price you are getting charged. This generally occurs because the sales prices have not yet been entered into the cash registers yet. Keep an eye on the register during check out and if that is not possible check your receipt right away to be sure that you have been charged the correct amount.

When you go shopping if you do not need a cart do not take one. While many are under the assumption that having carts handy at the front of a store is simply good customer service, it is a ploy to encourage people to buy more then they need. When you choose, to not take a cart you will be limited to purchasing only what you need and the temptation to get things that you do not really need is taken out of your hands.

Making the decision to become a frugal shopper does not mean the end of all fun. You can shop very responsibly and still end up with a nice chunk of change in your pocket. Who wouldn’t be happy with that?

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