Sunday, October 14, 2007

Make Money with your blog using PayPerPost

Opportunities await! Get paid for blogging.

In one of the posts on the starting stages, I talked about the importance of setting up a website or a blog for making money. I talked about how to get started making money with no money by setting up a blog, and explained the process to you.

Assuming that you followed the advice I gave you in that post and have been blogging faithfully, I want to discuss with you today another method for making money simply by posting on your blog. Get Paid to Blog About the Things You Love!
with PayPerPost. This is a program that I started using a while ago and it works great. You simply join the program using your blog, go through the approval process, and then select the opportunities that look interesting to you. Depending on your blog's popularity and traffic, you will get different kinds of opportunities, and as you post more and more paid posts, your reputation grows as do the offers.

You can also get a button to put on your blog through which your visitors can ask you to do a paid post for them and you get paid. This is a great program because it gives you the flexibility to choose what opportunities you want to blog about, so the posts you make won't be too out of tone with your regular posts.

So Generate buzz. Drive more traffic. Sell more product.
Make some money with PayPerPost.

Opportunities await! Get paid for blogging.

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