Monday, August 20, 2007

Make Money with AuctionAds

In a previous post I discussed making money on your website by using Google Adsense. Today I want to discuss another advertising service that also yields good results - AuctionAds .

I am assuming that by now you have a website up and running using the tips I gave you in previous posts, and you have been driving traffic to it. I hope you have also joined some PTP forums like Code4Gold that pay you for making posts, and affiliate programs such as LinkShare Referral Program, and are starting to make some money from these different venues.

AuctionAds is a service that allows you to post eBay ads on your website. Signing up is easy and fast, and once you're a publisher, you can create and customize the ads that you want to appear on your page. One of the differences between adsense and AuctionAds is that you can specify the keywords for the ads that you want on your pages. So say you have a website about dogs, you can specify keywords such as dog, "dog leash", etc, to serve the ads you want to show. You can set colors and links so that your ads blend in well with your website, and the process is easy and painfree.

One nice thing about AuctionAds is that there is no restriction as to how many ads you can have on your page, unlike adsense which limits you.

AuctionAds has an affiliate program, so that if someone joins AuctionAds using a link you have posted on your site, you get some payment for that. So check out AuctionAds and see if you can add to your sources of income!

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